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Biore Mini Set UV Aqua rich Water Essence - Sun Protection - 4x16g

Biore Mini Set UV Aqua rich Water Essence - Sun Protection - 4x16g

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The Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence Mini Set Planning is a set of miniature products including sunscreens from the famous Biore range. This convenient set lets you discover and enjoy the benefits of Water Essence SPF50+ in convenient travel sizes. It includes 4 miniatures of the famous Aqua Rich Water Essence formula, providing effective sun protection while hydrating your skin.


  • Powerful Sun Protection: Its formula is designed to provide effective sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent sun damage such as sunburn, dark spots and premature skin aging.
  • Lightweight, Moisturizing Texture: These Water Essence miniatures are lightweight and non-sticky, quickly penetrating into skin to deeply hydrate and leave it feeling refreshed.
  • Water and sweat resistance: The water and sweat resistant formula guarantees long-lasting protection even during outdoor activities or in hot weather.
  • Suitable for all skin types: The Water Essence is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to its mild and hypoallergenic formula.

Apply generously to your face and neck before sun exposure. Reapply regularly, especially after sweating or wiping your face.

With the Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence Mini Set Planning, you can enjoy effective sun protection and lightweight hydration wherever you are. These handy miniatures allow you to maintain your sunscreen routine even on the go, ensuring skin is protected and hydrated throughout the day.
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